Saturday, September 18, 2010

Qwiby In Battle

Although Qwiby is small, his battles are nothing short of epic. Defending worlds against a massive ever growing creature named The Rot. His battles will save billions of lives if he is successful. If he can manage to force the creature back into a black-hole from which it escaped. Should it reach the waters of any planet, it will turn the liquid into a cesspool of pus. If he fails, this being's toxicity will turn water into poison and life into death. Even with everything at stake, there is a need within Qwiby to study the creature with whom he is fighting, he lives to study other beings--it's one of the reasons why life is so important to him.  

Monday, August 23, 2010

Ferald Sleepwalking

Every so often, when Ferald is bored and lacking the attention that an upbeat and unruly ferret needs. He would scurry out of his hollow log house and into the night. He enjoyed pretending that he was sleepwalking to draw some attention to himself. It was Pozzum who usually followed a sleepwalking Ferald around, to make sure that he’s alright. With his arms stretched out in front of him, his eyes closed shut, he walked up and down over two small mounds and headed on his way. He followed a muddy path down by the river’s edge. He shuffled through the willow grove and onto the back of the sleeping turtle’s head. He marched under the hive of a bunch of grumpy bumblebees, he even walked around the grounds of Pozzum's favorite tree. Birzy, Kingston and Mr. Wiggly tried to wake Ferald up by yelling out his name. Hey Ferald! He just smiled, didn’t look back and ignored them all the same. When Ferald was pleased with all of the attention that he had just received. Ferald headed back home to his hollow log house, as a weary Pozzum followed behind him, she collapsed on his bed and fell asleep.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ferald and Qwiby

He descends down from the night's sky like a falling star. With him, he brings incalculable knowledge of the universe. His kind has studied millions of galaxies, billions of planets and trillions of various beings throughout their travels. His name is Qwiby, a bow-legged alien from the planet Fob-Wob. He alone blazes awesome celestial powers that are his to hurl, the spark of a supernova beats like a heart in his chest...and tonight...he has found his next being to study, Ferald.        

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ferald Drawing By The Waterfall

There's a time when the creative spirit takes over, and you enter into a place where you want to get into yourself. Let ideas flows, and create something fanciful that only you can claim to be you own. For Ferald, this place lies just beyond a small willow grove. This isn't just any ol' place, it's set amid Woodzley's biggest waterfall. It is where creativity meets the soothing sound of nature's ever flowing water. This liquid of life serves as the backdrop to an even greater creative flow. Ferald brings along with him some crayons, a blank piece of paper and an imagination a mile long. He is upbeat and his happiness comes from the drawing that he sees before him. This is where he creates him own world. There is nowhere that he cannot go, nothing that he cannot do, he can become as unruly as he wants to be. Images collide, colors cascade...and we witness something that wasn't there before. His mind is a vast realm now, the crayon is his rocket-ship and the paper is his launching pad. Art is his next destination to anywhere he wants to go. Now he is ready to take off!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ferald and Mizz Ladybug

Her name is Mizz Ladybug, and the sea of sunflowers that stretches clear across an entire field, all belongs to her. She attends to and nurses every single sunflower on her arable land. She is the Queen and there is no King...this is where she rules. So what does this have to do with Ferald? Well, those sunflowers are the crunchy kind that Ferald likes to eat. Not to mention, he likes to play among them and lose himself within the sunflower patch like a maze. When he finally finds his way out, he usually takes a nap, the big sunflowers make for a very shady resting place. But what of Mizz Ladybug, she'll have none of this. No  eating, no frolicking...and no napping at all near her flowers. So what's a ferret to do, simple, chase her away until she stops nagging? But for now, let's sit back and watch Mizz Ladybug reprimand Ferald.   

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ferald and The Evil Butterflies

From afar, they look like the beautiful insects that we have come to know butterflies to be. Do not trust your eyesight just yet. For these butterflies had their legs plucked from them, doomed to forever flutter about and never land. When they tire...they cannot rest. When they are sleepy... they cannot sleep. They guard the flowers on their land, with the willingness to defend it like a small army. Leave it to Ferald to not only eat their sunflowers, but take a nap on their grassy arable land--not knowing what lies ahead for him.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ferald At The Edge

One small step for Ferald, one giant fall for mammal kind. There's only one ferret whom I know, who has a knack for finding the most uncanny adventures. And in doing so, he has taken the term "go fly a kite" quite literally. At the edge of Woodzley, in the space in between ground and sky, an event is about to take place that will go awry. His friends out of sight will watch everything unfold before their eyes. Up high he will sail, pass the baffled pigeons he will fly, for the upbeat and unruly one is about to cry. With his pals on the ground, just standing around and thinking to this the day that our fine ferret will finally perish. A gust of wind stops, a yellow fur bearer drops, into a body of water is where he stopped. So let us all rejoice and play, and put behind us this awful that we can see that Ferald is okay.        

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Fruit Born Flowers

Here's a watercolor painting that I did entitled Fruit Born Flowers, I dedicate it to my favorite season, Spring. A pear giving birth to flowers.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ferald and The Bunnies

The Bunnies are busy hopping all around and hiding their painted Easter Eggs all over Woodzley. Ferald is always excited about Easter, because he likes to get dressed up in his bunny suit, to go look for these hidden colorful eggs. It isn’t just being surrounded by bunnies that’s making Ferald smile from ear to ear. He has stumbled upon a very big and wonderful Easter Egg. Ferald shows it off to The Bunnies, they seem very interested in it, because they don’t remember hiding such a large egg. It’s a lot bigger than the eggs that The Bunnies are use to seeing. In fact, it’s the biggest egg any Bunny has ever seen. Ferald takes it home with him to his hollow log house. As soon he gets home, the egg begins to shake and jiggle, crack apart and wiggle. Something begins to break out of the shell, leaving Ferald baffled at what it could be—and out pops a smelly creature staring at him with orange eyes!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ferald and Pozzum

Even Ferald has chores to do. He usually wash his clothes down by the river's edge. He would wash his blue hat, his blue shirt and even a few socks for those cold nights. No one likes their toes to be cold, that's for sure. After washing his clothes, he would walk back to his clothes-line. Then  hang them up to dry. It seems to Ferald surprise, he has a visitor by the name of Pozzum and she simply adores Ferald. She pretty much likes to hang upside down on just about anything. Pozzum says hi to him "Hi, Ferald." Ferald says hello to her "Hello, Pozzum." Then Ferald walks away leaving her hanging there...blowing in the leaf on a vine.  

Ferald's Bubble Bath

Isn't it soothing to be outside among the green grass, in the middle of complete silence, taking a bubble bath? Ferald thinks so. Well, almost silent, except for maybe a small whippoorwill named Birzy, who likes to stomp around in a puddle of water. Splash goes his little feet! When you're an upbeat and unruly adventurer like Ferald, this is the best way to end your evening and become one with nature. Bubbles can be seen from far and wide. In this part of Woodzley, every story ends with a clean golden yellow fur bearer, in a tub of soapy water washing the rest of his day away.         

Monday, March 08, 2010

Ferald and The Pesky Crows

It's a clear and peaceful day in Woodzley, and all Ferald wants to do is eat his lettuce sandwich in peace. But when a few bothersome and bantering crows--hear the crackling sound of Ferald munching on his sandwich, they waste no time to try and swindle a free hearty meal. Ferald can't seem to get rid of them, and the sound of KA-KAW KAW  is echoing everywhere! As these quipping crows become his problem of the day. Could it be that the best way to stop one from annoying you--is to simply ignore them. Should Ferald share his sandwich with a bunch of pesky crows...would you?

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Above And Below


Here's a watercolor painting that I did entitled Above And Below.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ferald Reading Amid The Sunlight

Hmm...what kind of books do you think Ferald likes to read? Well, you need not wonder anymore. There's nothing he likes reading more about than...Bunny Rabbits! Big bunnies, small ones, pink bunnies, blue ones, fluffy bunnies, smooth ones and even silly bunnies. Somewhere in Woodzley, before the sun begins to set, Ferald finds a nice comfortable spot to sit, and then he reads his favorite book for hours. He can read the same silly bunny story over and over again. He enjoys the pictures most of all, looking at the art of bunnies hopping, tumbling and acting a fool, brings a smile to this ferret's face. As the sun begins to set, as it does every evening around this time, the sunlight becomes too dim for Ferald to continue reading. He close his bunny book and scurries on home to his hollow log house. There at home, when he's off to sleep, he dreams about all of the bunnies that are running around inside of his head.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ferald's Goodies


           Chocolate and strawberries he can never bake enough,
           Hazelnuts and cream pies and other sweet stuff,
           Cupcakes and lime marmalade with a cherry on top,
          Carrot cakes and lemon pies--Oh, I hope he never stops!

So begins Ferald's cooking spree to throw the biggest party ever. Not for anyone in particular, but for the very place where he grew up, Woodzley. Every creature great and small is invited. It's an all out celebration for one's love of nature. You can find Pozzum, Birzy, Kingston, Mr. Wiggly and even Sahsha at the festival. You'll also find some of the fluffiest and sweetest treats that you've ever laid your peepers on. All baked with love from the upbeat and unruly Chef Ferald. Every delicious morsel, every creamy crumb and every mouth watering goody, prepared to perfection by his own two little hands. Nothing gets wasted around here, every crumb that falls to the ground is picked up by the ants, whom also have a sweet-tooth for what's yummy. So gather yourselves, put your worries aside--if not for just a day. Sit down, relax awhile--and I hope that you will enjoy your stay.    

Monday, January 04, 2010

Ferald's Frantic Fish

There are boundless streams, ponds, lakes and rivers swirling around throughout Woodzley. I can assure you, that it won't take long before Ferald finds an adventure amid its waterways. Usually, he allows nothing to stand between him and having a little fun, but even in shallow waters...there's always one or two frantic exceptions to the rule. Swim pass the floating twigs, the lily pads and the seaweed all rolled into a cluster. Go ahead, splash around and feel the soothing water trickle down your face. Just don't fall in...thinking that the native fish will take kindly to your untimely visit.