Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ferald and The Bunnies

The Bunnies are busy hopping all around and hiding their painted Easter Eggs all over Woodzley. Ferald is always excited about Easter, because he likes to get dressed up in his bunny suit, to go look for these hidden colorful eggs. It isn’t just being surrounded by bunnies that’s making Ferald smile from ear to ear. He has stumbled upon a very big and wonderful Easter Egg. Ferald shows it off to The Bunnies, they seem very interested in it, because they don’t remember hiding such a large egg. It’s a lot bigger than the eggs that The Bunnies are use to seeing. In fact, it’s the biggest egg any Bunny has ever seen. Ferald takes it home with him to his hollow log house. As soon he gets home, the egg begins to shake and jiggle, crack apart and wiggle. Something begins to break out of the shell, leaving Ferald baffled at what it could be—and out pops a smelly creature staring at him with orange eyes!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ferald and Pozzum

Even Ferald has chores to do. He usually wash his clothes down by the river's edge. He would wash his blue hat, his blue shirt and even a few socks for those cold nights. No one likes their toes to be cold, that's for sure. After washing his clothes, he would walk back to his clothes-line. Then  hang them up to dry. It seems to Ferald surprise, he has a visitor by the name of Pozzum and she simply adores Ferald. She pretty much likes to hang upside down on just about anything. Pozzum says hi to him "Hi, Ferald." Ferald says hello to her "Hello, Pozzum." Then Ferald walks away leaving her hanging there...blowing in the leaf on a vine.  

Ferald's Bubble Bath

Isn't it soothing to be outside among the green grass, in the middle of complete silence, taking a bubble bath? Ferald thinks so. Well, almost silent, except for maybe a small whippoorwill named Birzy, who likes to stomp around in a puddle of water. Splash goes his little feet! When you're an upbeat and unruly adventurer like Ferald, this is the best way to end your evening and become one with nature. Bubbles can be seen from far and wide. In this part of Woodzley, every story ends with a clean golden yellow fur bearer, in a tub of soapy water washing the rest of his day away.         

Monday, March 08, 2010

Ferald and The Pesky Crows

It's a clear and peaceful day in Woodzley, and all Ferald wants to do is eat his lettuce sandwich in peace. But when a few bothersome and bantering crows--hear the crackling sound of Ferald munching on his sandwich, they waste no time to try and swindle a free hearty meal. Ferald can't seem to get rid of them, and the sound of KA-KAW KAW  is echoing everywhere! As these quipping crows become his problem of the day. Could it be that the best way to stop one from annoying you--is to simply ignore them. Should Ferald share his sandwich with a bunch of pesky crows...would you?

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Above And Below


Here's a watercolor painting that I did entitled Above And Below.