Saturday, November 03, 2012

Ferald and Birzy

On a quiet and clear day, you can hear the song of a whippoorwill echoing throughout Woodzley, from one end to the other. This particular morning brings a singing whippoorwill, who seems to have a song at the ready to ring in the new day. From all around, Ferald can hear little wings flapping, and he can hear the rhythm of chirping noises getting louder--he looks up but the sun blocks his view. Ferald doesn't need to see who it is, he has already heard this song before, and he knows who it is--so he stops dead in his tracks. A moment after, Birzy comes swooping down, KA-PLUNK!  Right on top of Ferald's head. Still chirping his song, Birzy looks down at Ferald, Ferald looks up at Birzy, they give each other a nod and together they continue on their way.    

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