Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ferald's Hollow Log House

It sits on top of a small hill, designed and built by his own two hands, looking out over Woodzley like the eyes of nature, it's Ferald's beloved Hollow Log House. When Ferald first came to Woodzley when he was just a baby ferret. He grew up with the creative talent to build anything that he could draw on paper. One of the first things that he drew was a picture of a Hollow Log House, he knew that someday that picture would become his dream home--and with a little time and effort, it certainly has. Within this house, there's a living space fit for a ferret. There is a room for sleeping, a kitchen, a living room, a basement and much more. Ferald lives by himself, but he has plenty of friends and many things to do to keep him busy. He loves taking care of his home, Ferald is pretty good at fixing almost anything around the house, even on top on top of the house. He also has a garden where he likes to grows lettuce. Perhaps when Ferald finds the time, maybe he'll even paint his house, but for now, he thinks it's perfect just the way it is.      

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