Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ferald Reading Amid The Sunlight

Hmm...what kind of books do you think Ferald likes to read? Well, you need not wonder anymore. There's nothing he likes reading more about than...Bunny Rabbits! Big bunnies, small ones, pink bunnies, blue ones, fluffy bunnies, smooth ones and even silly bunnies. Somewhere in Woodzley, before the sun begins to set, Ferald finds a nice comfortable spot to sit, and then he reads his favorite book for hours. He can read the same silly bunny story over and over again. He enjoys the pictures most of all, looking at the art of bunnies hopping, tumbling and acting a fool, brings a smile to this ferret's face. As the sun begins to set, as it does every evening around this time, the sunlight becomes too dim for Ferald to continue reading. He close his bunny book and scurries on home to his hollow log house. There at home, when he's off to sleep, he dreams about all of the bunnies that are running around inside of his head.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ferald's Goodies


           Chocolate and strawberries he can never bake enough,
           Hazelnuts and cream pies and other sweet stuff,
           Cupcakes and lime marmalade with a cherry on top,
          Carrot cakes and lemon pies--Oh, I hope he never stops!

So begins Ferald's cooking spree to throw the biggest party ever. Not for anyone in particular, but for the very place where he grew up, Woodzley. Every creature great and small is invited. It's an all out celebration for one's love of nature. You can find Pozzum, Birzy, Kingston, Mr. Wiggly and even Sahsha at the festival. You'll also find some of the fluffiest and sweetest treats that you've ever laid your peepers on. All baked with love from the upbeat and unruly Chef Ferald. Every delicious morsel, every creamy crumb and every mouth watering goody, prepared to perfection by his own two little hands. Nothing gets wasted around here, every crumb that falls to the ground is picked up by the ants, whom also have a sweet-tooth for what's yummy. So gather yourselves, put your worries aside--if not for just a day. Sit down, relax awhile--and I hope that you will enjoy your stay.    

Monday, January 04, 2010

Ferald's Frantic Fish

There are boundless streams, ponds, lakes and rivers swirling around throughout Woodzley. I can assure you, that it won't take long before Ferald finds an adventure amid its waterways. Usually, he allows nothing to stand between him and having a little fun, but even in shallow waters...there's always one or two frantic exceptions to the rule. Swim pass the floating twigs, the lily pads and the seaweed all rolled into a cluster. Go ahead, splash around and feel the soothing water trickle down your face. Just don't fall in...thinking that the native fish will take kindly to your untimely visit.