Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ferald and The Rotten Pumpkins

Tonight's the night when Ferald's fears are put to an unforgettable test. There is a Valley of Rotten Pumpkins just at the edge of Woodzley. Where Ferald on a dare ventures out across this obscure land, as his friends watch too scared to join him. These pumpkins have sat in this valley for most of their lives, they do not like visitors of any kind. This valley is a deserted wasteland of rotten hope and dead dreams, and it is the only place that they call home. Always are their gooey insides turning like a tainted bowl of stew, always are they detached from the world outside of their own. 

It is said that they are unable to move...unable to cause any harm...but nothing is further from the truth. Together they hold a dark secret, and when this secret is set in motion, it is felt the world over. Ferald is the first to ever cross path with their hidden secret, which is caused by a chain reaction, when the wick on their stem begins to mysteriously light by itself. Ferald watches in horror as each candle mysteriously sparks a light from one pumpkin to the next. It is when all of the candles are lit, like a beacon of fear that cuts through the dark, they summon a creature from underneath the valley that is so massive, that the tree that you see before you, is really a single hair follicle on top of its head.

RUN FERALD RUN! Now the pumpkins are evil decorations on the head of this Halloween Beast, that is now chasing a tiny yellow spot moving as fast as he can to save his own life. There is hope yet, as the creature cannot leave the sphere of the valley, it returns to the ground from which it came. And what of Ferald, he has proven to his friends that he is not afraid of crossing the Valley of the Rotten Pumpkins.