Sunday, November 27, 2011


Throughout the known galaxy there is a race of aliens, who have dedicated their life to studying the various emotions in other beings. For it is Qwiby who will venture to Earth to study the creatures of our planet. And he will start with a small being named Ferald. Qwiby is a young bow-legged alien, who is very much strange, gentle, curious and yet extremely powerful. When he sees someone in trouble he becomes a protective force unlike anything seen by Earthly eyes. The beings of this world are his next assignment. Qwiby's family once thought that he was too young to travel alone, to begin his first venture through space. But he has proven himself to be more than knowledgeable and he has his father's curiosity. His home world is a small planet named Fob-Wob. The race of travelers that make up Qwiby's world, need to feed off of other beings' emotions, this allows them to elevate themselves into become one with the known universe. 

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Pooters from Pooty Pond

They are the oldest living creatures in Woodzley. In truth, these Pooters have lived within this realm before the first tree ever grew root on its arable land. An almost silent herd rarely seen by the other inhabitants who walk among them from above. They dwell deep in a pond that's old as Woodzley itself. Far from the noise that echoes throughout these parts of everyday life. In a rare event, just once a year, they gather at the shallow end of their Pooty Pond. With their poot dispensers held high, they let out a blast of greenish mist. This mist not only gives their pond its green waters, but is use to hide themselves and their eggs from prying eyes. There is nothing toxic about their blast, but it does give off a very distinct (or foul) scent, that you can smell from the other side of Woodzley. Soon after their is a complete calm within their waters, not even a small wave to be found. It is at this time, they can become very aggressive towards anyone who breaks the calmness of their Pooty Pond. The slightest ripple from the legs of a fly can be felt by their sensitive and acute poot dispensers. Enter a certain ferret who likes to skip rocks across the water...and you have a story just waiting to be told.