Monday, April 25, 2011

Ferald and Numzi Plume

Look carefully at the small yellow dot just above the head of this gigantic creature, that's Ferald, swimming with a majestic blue whale named Numzi Plume. Ferald is a pretty good swimmer, but his knack for open waters is nothing compared to the one who swims before him. These two have known each other since Ferald was a very young ferret. Once in troubled times, Numzi Plume saved Ferald's life from the very water that contains them. Their friendship remains strong, like the mighty fluke that propels Numzi Plume through the water from sea to shimmering sea.
Eye to eye, the water is crystal clear, and two familiar faces hold each others attention, as they both hold their breath. A slight nod of Ferald's head, a memorable wink from a giant eye, they cement their friendship in one simple glance.
When they both break the surface of the water, Ferald looks on as Numzi Plume graciously heads out to sea.