Saturday, September 03, 2011

Pozzum Hanging Upside Down

There's a tree that sits in the middle of Woodzley. It's not a very wide tree nor is it very tall. It doesn't even have many leaves on it and it's kind of small. But none of that really matters to Pozzum, she loves it just the same. There's even a little mailbox beside it that bears her very name. Not a day goes by, when she doesn't smile, at someone passing by.  She enjoys spending time, watching the clouds intertwine, it brings a twinkle to her eyes. Just hanging around, with her feet off the ground, and looking at the world turned upside down. In all of its many splendors, Pozzum's favorite tree always gives her something fond to remember. Even when her branches begins to shake, from the bad times from her pass mistakes, she still manage to crack a smile somehow. It's more than likely, if she's smiling slightly, she's probably waiting for Ferald to come along any minute now.


Anji said...

I love your stories and the pictures that go with them.

I follow your blog thanks to ExposeYourBlog!

Keith Williams said...

Thank you.