Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ferald and The Baby Lizard

A strange new friend on familiar grounds. Could it be that a baby lizard is hiding and waiting for some insects to wander by, ready to gobble them up with his long tongue. One would think, but he seems to have his reptilian eyes set on a bigger catch. Now Ferald may be a small fellow himself, but he's certainly not worried about this tiny might gobbling him up. It appears that every time Ferald takes a short cut to Mr. Wiggly's place, this little guy is waiting amongst the willow grove, then he pops out his long sticky tongue and grabs the first thing that moves. He's a whimsical sort, and it's hard to tell what he's saying, because his tongue for the most part, is always dangling outside of his mouth. And because of this, Ferald has to whirl and twirl himself out of a sticky situation. Running away from him doesn't help, he's pretty swift for a little guy, and that long tongue will usually catch one before the chase even starts. So what's a ferret to do about his little situation. Well, usually Ferald would point the baby lizard towards some ants or termites, but the baby lizard doesn't like them, in fact, he's actually quite scared of them. But in the end it all works itself out, because all the baby lizard wanted from Ferald was a hug.

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Anji said...

It's good that there was a happy ending

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