Saturday, November 03, 2012

Ferald Feeling Blue

A tragedy has happened here tonight. There is evidence of it all over the ground. Pieces and bits of bark that once made up the walls of Ferald's beloved hollow log house is all that remains. Unbeknown to Ferald, while he was out and about, someone or something completely demolished his home. It is a sad time for Ferald indeed, he has nowhere to live, nowhere to go. "Who would do something like this!" he cried. He missed his hollow log house. Ferald sat in the same spot, day after day and night after night, on top of a small hill where his house once stood. 

As the night came around once again, an anomaly shines bright like a shimmering diamond coming down from above. So bright is this light, that it looks as if it's the only star piercing through the dark. It's moving in closer and closer -- this is certainly no star. 

After crying himself to sleep, Ferald is awakened by a bow-legged alien named Qwiby. A bit startled by the visitor, Ferald soon learn that his new celestial friend, has the power to make that which is broken whole again. The pieces and bits of bark that once made up his home, and was scattered about amongst the ground, began to piece themselves together. Ferald watched in awe as his house seem to repair itself right in front of his eyes. There stood his home in all of its whimsical detail. When Ferald turned to ask Qwiby how in the world did he do that...he was gone.   

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