Monday, October 15, 2007

Ferald Dancing Amongst The Autumn Leaves

The music builds slowly from one note to the next. It makes Ferald want to dance and march across Woodzley. Yet, you and I cannot hear it, it is music not meant for our ears...only Ferald's!

Ferald has a great appreciation for Autumn, it's his favorite season of the year. There is something about  the  changing of the leaves that brings about a change in him. What better way to express himself than to dance in the thick of it. He celebrates the coming of Fall, by dancing until his heart is content. There's music echoing all around, perhaps he is the only one who can hear it--but it's there. The colorful falling leaves gives Ferald his rhythm. Some are baffled, yet, intrigued by his grace. And just as suddenly as the music began, it ends, with Ferald eating the colorful crunchy falling leaves--one by one.


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