Monday, December 14, 2009

Getting to know Ferald and his Pals

The yellow fur bearer is Ferald. He and his pals live in a simple place known only as Woodzley. This fanciful patch of land is where you'll also find Mr. Wiggly, Pozzum, Kingston, Birzy and Sahsha. Ferald himself lives in a Hollow Log House built by his own two hands. All of Ferald's friends in a collection of artwork based on my characters. Bound to his next adventure, born to have fun, known for his love of nature...Ferald has enough whimsy to make children smile and adults feel young again.
To say that Pozzum has a crush on Ferald would be an understatement. This cute nuisance worships the ground he walks on, sometimes, she even calls him "My Ferald." An adorable drama queen wrapped up in a bow...that's simply who she is. If she's not wanting to join Ferald on his latest adventure, you can find her hanging upside down in her favorite tree. Oh, and she doesn't like Sahsha very much.

Mr. Wiggly is the oldest and wisest creature in Woodzley, his knowledge of nature is boundless. I guess you can call him something of a father figure to Ferald. His days are mostly spent in his mossy realm making toast and tea. Sometimes he's annoyed by Ferald's juvenile antics, but he admires his adventurous curiosity for nature and his carefree ways.
Kingston is a ubiquitous little cub who is sneaky, gullible, playful and bossy all rolled up into one. Yet, he's always fun to be around. You can usually find him in his dusty little den.

Birzy a talkative whippoorwill who's a faithful friend to anyone. He has a phobia about getting mud in between his toes, so he tries not to land on the ground, even when it's not muddy. This is why he's usually found on top of one's head, especially Ferald's.
Ferald's girl-ferret friend Sahsha. She's nice, polite, friendly and caring. No one knows where Sahsha lives. Once every-so-often she would visit Woodzley, to pick some wildflowers to eat along the willow grove. Ferald adores her, but he doesn't seem to pay much attention to Pozzum whenever Sahsha is around, and that just doesn't sit well with Pozzum.

His name is Meany, and he's a friend to no one. Once, in a distant part of Woodzley, lived a docile and noble grizzly bear. Never should have he drank from a puddle of tainted water--that was surged with a portion of spoiled blueberries and a hint of magic. This liquid that does not evaporate nor freeze, has now and forevermore altered him. His brown fur turned as black as coal, his blue eyes serve as a beacon of evil. Where nobility once stood, now lies a vicious persona of his former self...who only lives to destroy. Ferald has met his enemy and he is BIG! Those claws on his paws can cut through steel. He is feared by all. Do not let him see you, if he does, you better RUN...and you better not get caught!

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Unknown said...

omg! they all are so cute!
cuddly and funny.
i love them all, including the Meany. post more!