Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ferald's Candle Light

A little light shines in the hand of Ferald. There is something out there lurking in the dark, it leaves behind a stinch that singes the nose. Ferald must investigate to find out what it is. It gets awfully dark behind the shadows of the trees from within Woodzley. Ferald takes with him a single beacon of light, that shines through the gloom like a firefly in the night. But what is it that's out there, what foul creature lurks in this part of Woodzley? Suddenly, something emerges from the water of the pond, there's movement from behind the bush. Ferald is scared and his candle light is at its wick's end. His light goes out...and the dark claims him.


Renee said...

Full of wit.

The candle at its wicks end.

What great little stories.

Renee xoxo

Pink Links said...

Your blog is lovely!

BlueGrass said...

Hi, nice to meet you. Thanks for following my blog. Your characters are so lovely. ^^ I like "Kingston" the little cub.

MrBibleHead said...

Ferald ROCKS! Nice story to go along with your great work. Merry Christmas!