Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ferald and The Bunnies

The Bunnies are busy hopping all around and hiding their painted Easter Eggs all over Woodzley. Ferald is always excited about Easter, because he likes to get dressed up in his bunny suit, to go look for these hidden colorful eggs. It isn’t just being surrounded by bunnies that’s making Ferald smile from ear to ear. He has stumbled upon a very big and wonderful Easter Egg. Ferald shows it off to The Bunnies, they seem very interested in it, because they don’t remember hiding such a large egg. It’s a lot bigger than the eggs that The Bunnies are use to seeing. In fact, it’s the biggest egg any Bunny has ever seen. Ferald takes it home with him to his hollow log house. As soon he gets home, the egg begins to shake and jiggle, crack apart and wiggle. Something begins to break out of the shell, leaving Ferald baffled at what it could be—and out pops a smelly creature staring at him with orange eyes!