Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ferald and Pozzum

Even Ferald has chores to do. He usually wash his clothes down by the river's edge. He would wash his blue hat, his blue shirt and even a few socks for those cold nights. No one likes their toes to be cold, that's for sure. After washing his clothes, he would walk back to his clothes-line. Then  hang them up to dry. It seems to Ferald surprise, he has a visitor by the name of Pozzum and she simply adores Ferald. She pretty much likes to hang upside down on just about anything. Pozzum says hi to him "Hi, Ferald." Ferald says hello to her "Hello, Pozzum." Then Ferald walks away leaving her hanging there...blowing in the leaf on a vine.  


Jimena Pinto-Kroujiline said...

Hi Keith! Thank for passing by to view my blog and becoming a follower. Ferald is very cute!! Hope to see you around!

Chelsea Kirchoff said...

How adorable is this?! Awesome work, Keith!