Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ferald and Mizz Ladybug

Her name is Mizz Ladybug, and the sea of sunflowers that stretches clear across an entire field, all belongs to her. She attends to and nurses every single sunflower on her arable land. She is the Queen and there is no King...this is where she rules. So what does this have to do with Ferald? Well, those sunflowers are the crunchy kind that Ferald likes to eat. Not to mention, he likes to play among them and lose himself within the sunflower patch like a maze. When he finally finds his way out, he usually takes a nap, the big sunflowers make for a very shady resting place. But what of Mizz Ladybug, she'll have none of this. No  eating, no frolicking...and no napping at all near her flowers. So what's a ferret to do, simple, chase her away until she stops nagging? But for now, let's sit back and watch Mizz Ladybug reprimand Ferald.   

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