Monday, July 26, 2010

Ferald Drawing By The Waterfall

There's a time when the creative spirit takes over, and you enter into a place where you want to get into yourself. Let ideas flows, and create something fanciful that only you can claim to be you own. For Ferald, this place lies just beyond a small willow grove. This isn't just any ol' place, it's set amid Woodzley's biggest waterfall. It is where creativity meets the soothing sound of nature's ever flowing water. This liquid of life serves as the backdrop to an even greater creative flow. Ferald brings along with him some crayons, a blank piece of paper and an imagination a mile long. He is upbeat and his happiness comes from the drawing that he sees before him. This is where he creates him own world. There is nowhere that he cannot go, nothing that he cannot do, he can become as unruly as he wants to be. Images collide, colors cascade...and we witness something that wasn't there before. His mind is a vast realm now, the crayon is his rocket-ship and the paper is his launching pad. Art is his next destination to anywhere he wants to go. Now he is ready to take off!

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