Monday, January 31, 2011

Ferald In The Water

Sometimes, Ferald likes to discover something new and sometimes something new isn't found on land. I would say that this ferret is a pretty good swimmer, and that he enjoys venturing down into deep waters—where there are various creatures whom look nothing like himself. Ferald can see the turtles and the dolphins shimmering in the water from afar. He admires the various sea creatures, from the seahorse to the jellyfish. Perhaps he’ll make a friend or two down there. There are so many creatures swimming about, you can loose your way in a school of goldfish. The current takes you where it wants you to go. And all that you can do is hope for the best, that it takes you where you wanna go. However, it seems someone or something has its eyes on Ferald. This is his domain and he knows it well. This creature of tentacles and no fins, isn’t looking to make friends with land dwellers.


Unknown said...

what a cute guy! i love the deep ocean life on this illo :)

Keith Williams said...

Thanks, I enjoy drawing water scenery. :)