Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Birzy and Wormzy

Birzy and Wormzy are not your typical good friends. You see, Birzy wants to find and eat a worm. But he doesn't quite know what a worm looks like. And Wormzy, he wants to avoid being eaten by a bird (a whippoorwill if you will), but he doesn't quite know what a bird looks like. These two go through life helping one another out whenever they can. If Birzy needs more sticks and twigs for his nest, Wormzy would be more than happy to gather some for him. If Wormzy needs to find a good mud hole to crawl into, Birzy would gladly spot one from above and let him know where it is. Their little adventures brings together two very different creatures in an unimaginable friendship. Fun is always at the forefront, togetherness is everlasting, in a mutual bond that cannot be broken.   

The question is, if Birzy and Wormzy acually knew what they were, how do you think this would effect their friendship?

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